Caplyn Dor

  Statement/Bio/Selected Shows

Surrealism Combining Art and Science


… Man’s Technological Integration… 

My background as a former blood laboratory technician has been instrumental in shaping the direction of my work on an atomic level, yet also in ways that draw me to the dimensional or faceted aspect of everything that I experience.  By combining scientific elements, symbolic object replication, and dream imagery into a sector of my work, each piece takes on a life form similar to that of a nucleus, and the expansion of it as an infinite fractal.  Connected to this dimensionally expanding state is the symbolism within my work where the human figure partially transforms into his own technologically created machine.  Man by his own design continues to create more highly sophisticated technological devices whereas a metamorphosis occurs when man and technology seem to slowly integrate together.  There is both a serious as well as a whimsical element to this in the sense that man becomes vulnerable to the very creation which he has designed. 

The connection of the mysteries of Science combined with the subconscious nature of Surrealism is rooted deeply within each painting that I create. The subconscious holds keys to many doors. Caplyn Dor

 Awards/Honors/ Selected Exhibitions and Publications

 2005-06       “Area Artists Collection” – Collector’s Gallery - Albright Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York
 2004-05        “Area Artists Collection” – Collector’s Gallery - Albright Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York       
 2003-04       “Area Artists Collection” – Albright Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York
                      “Selected Works II” – Albright Knox Art Gallery.   Director, Louis Grachos
 2003              DeLynn’s Gallery – Franklinville, NY       
 2003              International Elite Artists - ABS Gallery and Literary Site
 2002              INPAKU – Internet Fair by the Japanese Government.   Japan
 2001              XI Biennial Intl. - Science, Art, Technology, Vila Nova de Cerviera – Portugal
 2001             Art Dialogue Gallery – Buffalo, NY                 
 2000             Harappa Festival – Tokyo, Japan 
 2000            Cork Gallery - Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center in NYC  "Digitalism" – Intl. Exhibition
 2000            Guest Artist Speaker  - Hallwalls, Buffalo, NY.  "Fractals" - Art and Science.                 
 1999            R2001 Intl. Group - "0 and 1"; Keio University, Shonan Fujisawa Campus - Keio, Japan                
 1998            Country Without Boarders - R2001 Group Show - Abraham Lubelski Gallery - NYC                  
 1998            Trans-Hudson Gallery -  NYC.  International Group Show with R2001                                    
 1993            Art Expo - Jacob Javitz Center - NYC
 1992            Art Avenue Gallery – Hamburg, New York
 1992           The Franklin Street Gallery – Ellicotville, New York
 1992            Benjaman’s Art Gallery – (2 Person Show); Buffalo, New York
 1992            Clary-Miner Gallery – Art and the Woman Artist
 1992            Metro Toronto Convention Center – Del Bello Gallery
 1991            Del Bello Gallery – Toronto, Canada

and others..

Solo Shows

J.C. Mazur Gallery  -   Buffalo, New York
Hilbert College        -   Hamburg, New York
Arts Council in Buffalo and Erie County – Buffalo, New York
M. Waligur Doering Gallery – Hamburg, New York
Castellani Art Museum -  Niagara University Campus; Niagara Falls, New York


 2001    MOCA – Museum of Digital Art - Awarded "Donnie Award": 2nd Prize and Honorable Mention
1999     Judges Choice Award -  Winter Art Competition;  Austin, Texas
1998     Artistic Excellence Achievement Award - "TINT" Magazine, Austin, TX                 
1998     Best of Show Award  - Artistic Impressions Spring Art Competition, Austin, TX
1998     Intl. (Gold) C.A.P.I. Award of Excellence - Motion Picture Industry, Burbank, CA
1997     Honorable Mention - Art Calendar's "Crabbie  Awards Competition"; Maryland
1992     Creative Artist Fellowship -  NYS Council on the Arts in New York State and Erie County                 
1992     SoHo International Art Competition - NYC               
1990     SoHo International Art Competition - NYC 


 2004    Heldref Publications – (Cover Art) ;  “Beta Cell III”; ReVision Journal, 
 2003    Salamander Review Magazine, Los Angeles, CA  - “Cellular IV” (cover art)
 2000    OutsideiN Publication – “Realm of Knowledge”
1999     Massurrealism Society – (interview); Surrealism vs Massurrealism
1999    TFTN Magazine - Fractal Translight Newsletter;  Cover Art
1999    Tint Fine Art Magazine – (interview and images); “Hieroglyphics of Thought”;
1999    McMillan Publishing -  Imagine It! SciFi  CD Rom (Cover and Inside) 
1999    Jupiter’s Freedom Magazine -  “Architecture in Art”
1999    TINT Fine Art Magazine – “Contemporary Surrealism”
1999    TFTN Magazine – “Experimenting with DHTML Code”
1999    TFTN Magazine – “Inner Chamber of Fractal Generator”
1997    ArtCalendar; The Business Magazine For Visual Artists

  Marquis Who's Who:   In America, In the World, In the East, Who’s Who of American Women
 2010-2011,  2006 - 07,  2005,  2004,  2003, 2002, 2001, 2000

  International Biographical Centre - Cambridge, England.

   2000, 1999     Outstanding Women of the 20th Century, Outstanding Intellectuals of the 20th Century,
                Outstanding Scholars of the 20th Century, Outstanding Artists and Designers of the 20th
                          Century, Outstanding People of the 20th Century.

Selected Museum Shows
- Museum Collections

The 43rd  and  44th Western New York Exhibitions - Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY
 "Area Artists Collection" of the Collector’s Gallery - 1992, ‘03, 2001, ’02, ’03, ’04, ’05 ‘ 06  - Albright-Knox      Art Gallery Museum, Buffalo, NY
 Castellani Art Museum –   (Solo)  Niagara University, Niagara Falls, New York
Theodore Roosevelt  Museum - Buffalo, NY -  Juror;  Douglas Schultz; Director; Albright-Knox Art Gallery

Jurors for Selected Museum Shows
 Lois Grachos                      Director, Albright-Knox Art Gallery (museum), Buffalo, NY
 Charlotta Kotik                   Curator of Contemporary Art at the Brooklyn Museum in New York City;
 Barbara Haskell                 Curator of Painting and Sculpture at the Whitney Museum in New York City;
 Susana Torruella Leval      Chief Curator of El Museo del Barrio Museum in New York City

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